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The Suzuki GT500

The ongoing story of the mighty two stroke

I have to say that the results fully justified my reputation as a crap restorer. The filler and badges were duly removed and stripping commenced. Weeks later I thought sod it - it’s nearly good enough and spring is ticking away so the tank was duly assaulted with spraycan primer and topcoats which were an approximation of the right colour finished with laquer (of which more later). The best filler cap was fitted together with a new rubber. The existing mirrors were very rusty so were sprayed with silver paint (honestly - time was ticking away) By this time I had the right key for it and, amazingly, the steering lock and ignition lock. Result! Readers familiar with these will know that this model was fitted with the GT750 tank hence the dummy cover fitted where the water filler would be. I fitted an ammeter and DC socket into it, why not!. Just a bit of wire or two. During the other works I’d removed the silver paint from the rear brake backplate and cleaned that up a bit. Badges back on with new special screws from ebay, new fuel pipes, filters and tank rubbers, battery fitted with auxiliary relay to power heated grips and running lights

 and it was good to go. Petrol in the tank, a bit more oil priming, vacuum tap on prime, a few kicks and it came to life for the first time in 17 years. Didn’t sound too bad as you can hear in the accompanying video. The seat was refitted, brakes tested and a very tentative ride round the block done. I didn’t remember the old one steering like that. When I reassembled the forks I couldn’t get the wheel to line up properly without a lot of strain - this was put on the to-do list at the time. Still, it ran, the clutch worked and it had all the gears. The MOT was booked for a few days hence (MOT and tax exempt but I thought I’d get it done anyway - the expert eye of the chap who has been doing my MOTs for the last 30 years would be welcome - and I didn’t see how I could register it as tax exempt I it had been on SORN for so long until I’d taxed it once). It was duly ridden down to its MOT and, as the chap said, it had to pass (He only had to do up thr forgotten rear brake torque arm !) And write an advisory about the forks being slightly twisted. He suggested that I straighten the bottom yoke. I found a GT550 steering head on ebay (who needs rubber handlebar mountings - a bit of vibration never hurt anybody) which, when fitted, sorted out the dodgy steering. It was now ridable albeit with a front brake that would need a lot of bedding in and a mysterious oil leak. So I used it for the rest of the year with the carrier (period from ebay) and top box seen fitted. A bit of a shakedown really. Very smoky, reluctant to pull to the redline, reluctant to stop though better after a lot of front brake application whilst in motion, nice and easy to start and so light and easy to move after the R1100RT! I mentioned the laquer used for the tank. Not petrol resistant. So it now has a most decorative destroyed paint and lacquer smear down its left side and a load of chips where the paint is very soft. Not to mention the crap preparation showing through. Still had the mysterious oil leak as well. In the meantime the R110RT had been sold and the proceeds used to buy a bit of stainless steel bling - namely a pair of expansion chambers, pipes and clamps, some rearset footrests, a chainguard, handlebars and bar end mirrors from Titan Performance.