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Repair Details and Prices

We believe that it is more cost effective and much more ecologically responsible to upgrade or repair a machine that is a few years old than to dispose of it into landfill and buy a cheaply made inferior replacement. Most failures are software related and can be repaired inexpensively. Even screens on laptops can usually be replaced for between £100 and £150. Bring it in and let us have a look at it before you throw it away unnecessarily.

Our normal repair charges are :

£40.00 Inspection fee - set against any repair charge - the tidy up and MOT will                                   normally be the same cost

£70.00 Basic - keyboards (most keyboards will cost £65.00 fitted),  clean, software cleanup

85.00 Intermediate - malware removal,  operating system reinstallation and                               data copying (this does depend on the amount)

£99.00 Difficult - board / power socket repairs, full laptop dismantling, reflowing

• Any parts are extra and all prices include VAT

• We normally try to agree a fixed price where possible.

• Where the problems are malware related we will spend a reasonable time

attempting to repair the installed operating system. However, if we cannot see a successful resolution we will undertake a parallel installation. In these cases we will need to reinstall any programs. We do not keep any discs for MS Office, Photoshop or any other proprietary software - you will have to provide them if necessary.

• We aim for completion within seven working days.

• Hardware repairs are guaranteed for thee months.

• Software repairs are guaranteed for thirty days provided that the same fault recurs and that any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed by us have been used and updated as directed and that any settings made by us in connection with the repair have not been altered.

• Any attempt by anybody else to repair a recurring fault will invalidate the  guarantee.

• If we have not heard from you within 30 days of collection we will assume that you are satisfied with the repair.

• Any equipment not collected within three months of notification of   completion may be sold to defray expenses.

£Free - Recycling your old computer including secure erase of the hard disk drive - avoid your data falling into the wrong hands!