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Interceptor 650

A few things that may entertain you

When we’re not banging our heads against a wall of malware ridden, unreliable and maddening broken Windows installations or trying to repair some nasty cheap flimsy piece of consumer model computing junk we (and certainly I) like to pass the time looking around for local entertainments and messing abut with cars and motorcycles

The Audi V8 quattro - this 3.6 litre version had an engine that allegedly (and certainly appeared to be) two Golf 1800 twin cam engines on a common crankcase. It was sold as a super luxury model by Audi before they launched the A8. Based on the 200 saloon it was eye wateringly expensive (I believe £30,000 in 1989) and perceived as not fast enough for the money. The engine had 250 BHP and an early Bosch Motronic Engine management system. It had a 5 speed automatic gearbox (the first Quattro to have an automatic) or a 6 speed manual in Germany. The gearbox incorporated an automatic centre differential lock and a massive transfer shaft to the front differential running inside a bulge in the right hand side of the (already large) transmission tunnel (this was fine in Europe as it only inconvenienced the front seat passenger but in GB it forced the drivers feet into the right hand side of the footwell).  It was fitted with a Torsen differential at the rear. Mine had done 240,000 miles.